SS – BOS – Column – July – 2021

As the sports industry moves towards normal operations, several trends developed during the shutdown. This month we will take a look at those items and view how motorsports may be part of this growth. The continued evolution of sports business model continues to blur the lines between professionals and amateurs. The growth of social media […]

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SS – BOS – Column – June – 2021

The return to the “new normal” is happening at rapid speed and the motorsports industry is at the front of the field.  This month we will take a look at path ahead and how racing entities are part of that plan. The pandemic related shutdown during the 2020 season impacted the sports and entertainment industries […]

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SS – BOS – Column – May – 2021

The early part of the year signals the start of racing, pleasing the entire motorsports industry. It also brings tax filing season, which affects racing related businesses. This month we will take a look into the business of non-profits and their impact on community. Charity and helping others is at the center of the racing […]

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SS – BOS – Column – April – 2021

Race tracks continue to change the playbook over their future in a post-pandemic world. The month we will take a look at how circuits pivoted and the stress on their finances. Last year, racing took the black flag for a few months. Slowly activity returned with a few maverick short tracks playing loose with local […]

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SS – BOS – Column – March – 2021

The past year has presented challenges never foreseen on the business plans of most entities with operations coming to a standstill. The finance side for a few has been a different story. This month we will look at the expansive growth of the equity markets and what they may entail for the sports and entertainment […]

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SS – BOS – Column – February – 2021

The year going forward will continue to impact almost all aspects of the motorsports industry.   We will look at those segments and see how they will proceed during this extended period of uncertainty. Racing started last year similar to previous seasons but was soon interrupted.  Plans were stalled and went into lengthened holding patterns. Many […]

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SS – BOS – Column – January – 2021

Investment in sports continued during the shutdown.  This month we will take a look at the rationale and outlook going forward. Every industry was deeply effected by the pandemic, but sports and entertainment were among the hardest hit.  Seasons and events were canceled, postponed or rescheduled. As in any downturn, there will be an adjustment […]

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SS – BOS – Column – December – 2020

The sports industry was challenged during 2020 like no other time in recent memory.  We will review how motorsports responded and its results after its season of racing. The early portion of race schedule was subject to typical weather delays. The Daytona 500 finished on Monday and posted lower ratings and attendance.  The next several […]

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SS – BOS – Column – November – 2020

The sports betting industry in the United States is growing with relative speed.  This month we will look at how wagering has been impacted by the shutdown. The forced lockdowns of physical buildings caused on-site casino revenue to drop substantially. Most laid off thousands of employees and closed down their ancillary operations for hotel rooms, […]

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SS – BOS – Column – October – 2020

The sports industry continues to feel the impact of the extended shutdown.  As the most leagues have returned to action, led by motorsports, their financial foundations are being assessed. The outbreak of the coronavirus and related government containment measures created uncertainty for the sports and entertainment sectors.  As the recent financial metrics are being calculated, […]

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